Monday, February 20, 2017

San Francisco, CA: Day 1

Anyone else have the travel itch right now? We're at that point where it's two months post-Christmas vacation, but still about a month from spring [break]. All my teacher friends can definitely relate, amiright? 

For one of John's Christmas gifts, I made a Chatbook of our first year together. If you've never made one, I highly recommend! It was super easy to create and it's the sweetest little reminder of our adventures. But I wanted to document the little things that the pictures don't tell. Like the reason behind John's our nap is because I made us take a flight before the sunrise. He'll never let me live the early morning flights down. But I'm confident that one day he'll thank me for making the most of our days. ;) 



John and I flew out of Jacksonville on a 6:00am flight. We had a short connection in Chicago and then landed in San Francisco right before noon. I chose this flight because, although we had to wake up at 3:30am, it gave us a full day to start exploring the west coast once we arrived. We gathered our bags, picked up our rental car, and headed out! 

I put the address of where we were going into Google maps, and let Siri do the guiding. We just enjoyed the scenery around us and didn't mind the traffic at all. The original route wanted to take us over the Bay Bridge, but I rerouted it [per John's request] so we could see the Golden Gate Bridge immediately. We got off the last exit before the bridge [of course I don't remember the name of it], but we followed the signs for the observation area. The parking lot was wide open, too. I felt like we had found a hidden gem. I think I stood there, with my mouth wide open, just staring at its beauty for a good few minutes. You guys, pictures do NOT do it justice. Coming from a girl who has only seen the east coast, maybe I'm just naive. But holy cow! I really can't get over the beauty that's in our country. 

On our way out to our hotel, we stopped in Marin County. One of John's friends recommended that we grab a bite to eat at the Marin Brewing Company. It was the perfect location! The food was delicious and the beer was ice cold. We sat outside [hello, perfect weather!] and just relaxed. I think at this point I had said, "I can't believe I'm in San Francisco!" about 100 times. Poor John. 

After we got checked in, we decided to take a nap. Jet lag is no joke, you guys. We were only on a 3-hour time difference, but it hit us hard. Some more than others, but I'm not naming any names. Ha! ;) That nap lasted a bit longer than expected, so Thursday night ended up being a fast-food-and-watch-TV-in-bed kind of kind of night. And when in California, you get In-N-Out Burger!

We stayed at the Sheraton in Sonoma County. It was about a 15 minute drive to the winery we went to the next day, but totally worth it because the price was right, the hotel was really nice, and the bed was super comfortable [hotel stay must-haves]! 

Our first day was so good, I found it hard to believe that any days could top it, but I was wrong. Each day was just. so. good! Wait until you see where we ate breakfast on morning #2 - All the heart eye emojis.

I hope everyone has a great week!

Choose love. Be kind.


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