Wednesday, January 4, 2017


So, I entered a new decade...

I turned the big 3-0 in the beginning of September. To say I was excited about this birthday would be an understatement. My 20s were good. I was healthy, experienced a ton of new things, and was surrounded by the people I love the most. But I knew my 30s would be better.

 My 28th year was messy. I prayed a lot. My 29th year was full of change. Still prayed a lot. But 30? Thirty is going to be a good year. And as my birthday approached, I began to realize that my life was full of all those things that I had prayed for. 

It's already full of answered [and unanswered] prayers. How grateful I am for that.

And it's funny. All of the bad. All the stuff that made me hit rock bottom, put me directly on the path I was meant to be on. Oh, life... 

I'm one lucky lady to be surrounded by the greatest humans on the planet.

Choose love. Be kind.


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