Tuesday, March 1, 2016


You guys. 
The outpouring of love I received yesterday after sharing my blog on social media was overwhelming [in the best way possible]! I had SO many people reach out to me [publicly and privately] that I felt like I didn't put my phone down for hours. People I haven't spoken to in years, people I never speak to, and my best friends & family. It just showed me that I really am surrounded by some of the greatest people on the planet, and that my support system is out of this world. I seriously cannot thank you enough for stopping by and reading. 

In the midst of all that goodness, this quote came to mind:

Granted, there are a few gentleman (hi, guys!) out there that are showing their love for my blog, you ladies really now how to make a girl smile. Cheerleaders I didn't even know I had, that want me to succeed, and are so proud of me for following my heart. You ladies rock my socks off. For realz. I'm so, so thankful that you're all in my circle. My hope with this little space on the interwebs is to create more people like you. Because kind people are my kinda people. Men and women who want to see each other follow their dreams and excel in anything they put their mind to? That's my jam.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting me on this new venture. 
From the very bottom of my heart. 


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