Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Peaches & Palm Trees

When I decided to start this blog a couple of years ago, my mind went into a million different directions. I was worried about the design and layout, who would read it, if I would sound like an idiot. Would my idea of blogging about life, love, and travels really be of interest? Would people click on my blog in their google search? I questioned myself all. the. time.
But then guess what happened? Life. My world was turned upside down, and for a little while, I thought I'd never get back up. This little blog of mine got pushed to the side. I didn't think about it for months. And then one day, I did. 

All of life's moments (both good and bad), I've wanted to document. And in those moments, that's when it happened: I remembered why I loved writing so much. It was therapeutic. And I reminded myself to never stop doing what I love. Because when there is a passion behind your writing, it doesn't matter about the design or whether you'll become popular. I'm just happy to have an outlet, and am willing to bet that many of you can relate, too. I wanted to create a place where I enjoy going, just as much as my readers do. One thing that I've definitely learned over the past couple of years is that we live in a pretty awesome, but often cruel world. [That's a blog post in its own] We need to learn to build each other up. Sometimes your own personal pep talks just don't cut it. Trust me, I get it. It took me a long time to love myself enough to get to this point. And I hope that the love I put into this blog shines through and my readers love it just the same.

And that is how Peaches and Palm Trees came about.

The title of the blog was pretty simple: I was born in New Jersey, but moved to Florida when I was 9 and lived here through college. Florida means family to me. It's home. But then I moved to Atlanta. And although it was a huge change for me, and at times I hated life there, it became my home. And it had filled my heart with so much joy. 

In the 29 years of my life, there are two places where I truly discovered myself: Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia. And although I don't have the heart to talk about the exact signficance at this very moment, just know that in those places you can find two of my favorite things: peaches and palm trees.


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